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Anderson .Paak and Bruno Mars are already two of the best entertainers in the world. Easily. Both have cemented themselves as legends in the music industry through multiple Grammy-winning records and unparalleled live performances.

Most artists are lucky to be blessed with either a good voice or nice moves or…

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Maybe you just got back from a long camping trip. Maybe you beat your head a little too hard into the desk last time. Maybe you literally are living under a literal rock. …

A branded web banner promoting Anderson .Paak and The Free Nationals concert for Fortnite’s Spotlight Series
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Anderson .Paak loosely translates to “I’ll be there.” At least in my language.

So far in the past couple of years, I’ve happily handed this man about $900 worth of shows, merchandise, and festivals. Since listening to his first studio album, “Venice,” I’ve seen his music and career absolutely take…

Anthony Davila

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