Why is it that biracial people always insist on bringing up their identity? You were so close too, you even said it doesn’t matter. I say this as a person of mixed ethnicity as well- I understand how it’s difficult to bridge those identities. Oh crap. See? I just did it too, it’s inescapable.

In the specific example of 30 Rock, I think its even harder to diagnose the root problem when it’s not ignorance, hatred or anything insidious. The script has been meticulously crafted, combed for errors and passed over by many hands- many of them black hands- before making the final cut. Given it’s history, I agree that blackface should never be overlooked or accepted, much less be up for discussion for a tv show. But it’s also easy to the peanut gallery (that’s you, me, everyone writing these opinion pieces) to develop a gatekeeper complex. I think for an 8 minute read, you could’ve gotten deeper and written something with a little more substance than simply reflecting on why Fey and Co’s controversial jokes were unable to tackle racism.

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